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Teen & Adult Model - Beginner

This class is designed for people with no prior experience in modeling. The goal of this class is to boost confidence, help adjust body posture, and match music rhythm. Throughout our course, you will learn how to stand, sit, walk and pose properly as well as manage facial expressions. We will also teach you how to present different outfit styles. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send us an email via Info@ETFashion.Co, or leave us a message at the Contact section.

Teen & Adult Model - Beginner

  • One Semester Includes:

    - 10 Modeling Training Classes

    - 1 Group Make Up Class at the end of the program (for students who missed class)

    - 1 Level Examination

    *Each Level Includes Two Semesters - I & II (12 Weeks Each)