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First Round Entry Deadline



Final Round Entry Deadline

Entry Fee

Each Category  $30

Q & A

Q: What does a First Round Entry include? Could I register more than once?

A:  A First Round Entry includes only one collection containing 5 illustrated designs per designer in addition to a mood board as well as the name of the collection.  In addition, it will include a brief statement regarding how these designs were influenced by eastern culture. 


Designers are not limited to only one First Round Entry and can fill out as many entries as desired for registration.  Each entry will be taken into consideration for the first round independently.

Q: What does a Final Round Entry include?

A:  A Final Round Entry is for selected finalists only and includes only the front and back photos of the finished designs based on the earlier illustrations.  A designer can be selected as a finalist for multiple categories for multiple collections and can choose to submit multiple Final Round Entries as appropriate.  

Q: What does "Each Category" refer to?

A: "Each Category" refers to the category(s) that the collection in each entry is applicable for.  A collection may be applicable to multiple categories so the applicant is free to choose the number of categories they would like to submit the collection for contest judging considerations.

An applicant is able to select as many categories for each collection on each entry form but additional collections will require their own individual entry forms with the relevant category(s) selections.

* Please note that NO refunds of any fees shall be provided under any circumstances.

More Questions?

Please contact Apply@ETFashion.Co

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