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ETFashion GDA


The mission of the 2018 ETFashion Global Design Awards (ETFashion GDA) is to support emerging designers around the world and promotes creativity inspired by eastern arts and culture and aesthetics in contemporary, global design. The goal of the competition is to enhance and reward the creativity of designers, discover new talents and help them develop their careers, increase the impact of Eastern culture on the fashion industry, and establish a global platform to facilitate the exchange of ideas and resources from a diverse range of countries. The ETFashion GDA is awarded to designers with the vision to explore and chart new territory in the world of fashion, and the ability to set the agenda for style-conscious consumers everywhere.


Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges to determine awards. Judges will include designers from major international fashion brands, fashion magazine editors, fashion buyers, Founder and/or CEO of fashion startups, educators from world renowned fashion institutes, etc.

The top designs in each category will be determined by the judges through a scoring system based on various aspects including creativity, originality, etc.  The designers of the winning entries will be notified once the judging process has been finalized for each category. 


Applicants who meet all of the following criteria may apply:

  • Aged 18 years or over as of first round application deadline date of July 15, 2018

  • Hold a valid ID/passport/visa/residence permit in country of residence

  • Having less than three years’ professional fashion design experience or are a fashion student in any year at an educational institution at the time of application 

  • Applying as an individual (group applications are not permitted)




Women's Clothing

Men's Clothing 

Children's Clothing 

Haute Couture – Including Wedding Apparel, etc. 

Ethnic Clothing

Intimates & Sleepwear 

Sportswear – Including Swimwear & Beachwear, etc.

Uniforms & Costumes


* We encourage applicants to use eco-friendly and/or high tech textile and materials 

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