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2019 ETFashion Week ( ETFW ) is the first international fashion event in North America targeted towards Asian fashion designers, models, stylists, photographers and other fashion professionals and fashion lovers. This event aims to integrate Eastern fashion culture into the global fashion trend, injecting fresh perspectives into the international fashion industry while displaying emerging talents and the innovative spirit of Eastern fashion. ​


The event is geared towards helping Asian fashion designers promote their brands and expand their influence.  In addition, this even will help Asian models and photographers increase their recognition overseas and help them expand their international opportunities.  ETFashion Week will also aim to build a high-quality, professional international fashion platform for Asian fashion lovers. 


All-Asian – This is the first North American fashion week comprised of all-Asian designers, models, and event teams. 


History-making - This will be a major show in the history of fashion in North America and also a milestone in the international fashion industry as well as for Eastern fashion. 


Influence - This is not just a show but an opportunity to present to the world Eastern cultural aesthetics and display the charm of Eastern fashion designs as well as Eastern influence on the North American fashion scene.


Date: April 26th to May 5th

Location: Boston/Cambridge MA USA

Target Audience: Asian designers, models, photographers, stylists, etc.

Invitations: Media, buyers, brands, investors, model agencies, KOL, etc.

You will meet:

Talented designers from the most prestigious international design institutions — Parsons, SAIC, Pratt, RISD, etc.

Models who have walked for NYFW, signed with elite — the biggest model agency in the world, won championships from Super Model Competition, etc.

Photographers who have shot for NYFW, SHFW, BFW, NHFW, VOGUE, etc.

Lead makeup artist and appointed makeup artist of NYFW since 2014, etc.

Worldwide recognized luxury jewelry brand — Yvel, which has a long list of top celebrities have dazzled in over the years: Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, etc.

If you are interested in participation or collaboration please contact Info@ETFashion.Co 

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