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Email: Info@ETFashion.Co   |   Address: 50 Mi;k St., FL15, Boston MA United States 02110


We make your fashion dreams come true.

ETFashion is a fashion startup dedicated to providing designers and models with a platform and resources to help promote and explore their unique sense of fashion. In conjunction with our partners, we are committed to organizing and hosting fashion events geared towards educating both enthusiasts and novices alike to help foster an interest in, and understanding of, leading edge fashion design. Founded in 2017, ETFashion has been growing tremendously fast and has hosted many fashion events and workshops, including ETFashion Global Design Awards, Designer Talk, ETFashion Shows, Couture Enlightenment Courses, Styling Day, Runway Pass Modeling Training, Influencer Workshops, etc. The executive team consists of Wall Street financier, internationally renowned fashion brand designer, New York cutting-edge fashion brand founder, Louis Vuitton luxury show models, New York Fashion Week models, Harvard University scientist and the United States TOP 3 MBA.

For individuals, ETFashion offers styling transformation services with experienced professionals who will help pick out the best fashion outfits based on physique and preferences.  We strive to select outfits that will provide our clients with a stylish look that will help increase confidence and appreciation of the power of fashion.  At ETFashion, our services are based on an underlying philosophy that everyone can look and feel better with the right choices.


For designers, ETFashion looks to provide an opportunity to showcase their unique designs through hosted competitions.  These competitions will not only provide designers a chance to compete with their peers but also learn and be inspired by each other. Ultimately, our goal will be to provide the best designers an opportunity to display their creations at an international fashion event in order to reach a wider audience with their visions for the future of fashion.