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Email: Info@ETFashion.Co   |   Address: 50 Mi;k St., FL15, Boston MA United States 02110



The ETFashion RUNWAY PASS class provides professional level instruction for more advanced students in preparation for live event castings and performances. In addition, the Runway Pass class will provide participants additional resources including casting calls, fashion shows, performances, events, and modeling agency referrals.

Designed For

Those who have passed ETFashion’s Open Call, or have some level of experience in Modeling / Photo shooting   


Class Goals 

  • Improve catwalk, posing skills, and expressions managment  

  • Understand and master different styling and presentation skills

  • In-depth understanding of all types of fashion shows and events

  • Master various types of T-walks, stage formations, and presentation skills

  • Master all types of music shows, fashion shows, and designer events on stage

  • Accumulate in-person experience attending Model Calls

  • Efficiently navigate the American and International Model Industry

  • Be able to participate in international fashion shows, editorial shoots, commercials, TV shows, movies, etc.

Class Structure 

  • Gesture Correction + First Walk

  • Catwalk Intermediate / Advanced

  • T-walk & formation Intermediate / Advanced

  • Expression Management Intermediate / Advanced

  • Styling Concepts & Practice - Swimsuit / Bathing suit

  • Styling Concepts & Practice - Sportswear / Athleisure

  • Styling Concepts & Practice - Cocktail Dress/Qipao, Business Formal (Male)

  • Styling Concepts & Practice - Evening Gowns

  • Workshop - American Model Industry Introduction & Casting Tips

  • Workshop - On-stage Make-ups

  • Workshop - Fashion Photoshoot  

  • RUNWAY PASS Presentation and Assessment*


*Those who passed the assessment will receive ETFashion RUNWAY PASS Certificate and referral opportunities for modeling / acting agencies

Stage & Agency Contract Service 

  • Model Card Design

  • Personal Interview

  • Fashion Show / Photoshoot Referral - 3 opportunities

  • All Types of Performing Opportunities

  • Model Agency Referral



  • RUNWAY PASS $680 for 12 Classes (Market Value of $1800)

  • RUNWAY PASS Package $1660, include: 12 Regular RUNWAY PASS Classes, Stage & Agency Contract Services, and Casting Referrals (Market Value of $2800)


I have always dreamed of being a runway model and have been actively working in the industry for over a year. During this past March I had a chance to meet Stephanie Jin who has extensive runway experience as a professional model in both the U.S. and China. She teaches a class for models-in-training that really polished my runway skills and enhanced my stage knowledge to help me become more professional.


I also watched other students in the class all make significant progress within several sessions and start performing at fashion shows in Boston and NYC that Stephanie referred them to. Whether you are an aspiring model or even just a little bit curious about the runway, I highly recommend you come try out Stephanie’s classes to learn more about what it takes to become a true professional model.

—— Yaxin Han



STEP 2 -  Email info@ETFashion.Co, title [RUNWAY PASS OPEN CALL] to make an appointment for your Open Call, please also attached the following: 

  • Eventbrite -  RUNWAY PASS OPEN CALL confirmation number

  • Resume

  • Height, weight, bust/waist/hip measurements

  • Beauty shot

  • Full-body shot (3-5 pictures)

  • Your contact information


STEP 3 - Come to the OPEN CALL on-time

STEP 4 - Once you have the OPEN CALL, you can go ahead to register the “RUNWAY PASS” or “RUNWAY PASS PACKAGE” course